Aggressive dog behavior out of fear

Dogs are the chosen pets of men. Pet dogs love their masters and are in turn loved by their masters and treated as children. As soon as the master or any member of the family enters the home dogs show their affection by wagging their tail and seeking attention. But sometimes dogs show aggressive acts such as barking or growling and distancing people away.  Some dogs behave aggressively for defending themselves. Sometimes this type of behavior may be because of medical reasons like hormonal imbalance.  Aggressive dog behavior is a serious problem for owners.

Some dogs are aggressive due to fear. These types of dogs are nervous, insecure and frightened most of the time. They feel frightened by any small disturbance like the ringing of the door bell, telephone, sound of crackers etc. At those times they react aggressively by barking, snarling, snapping or biting. They may bite when they are cornered or when they feel threatened. Owners of these types of dogs often feel protective about them and feel that as the dogs grow older this behavior stops.

But thinking that the dog stops this kind of behavior is a mistake. Any type of aggressive dog behavior should be taken seriously. The reasons should be found out and the problem should be solved.


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