Make training fun with a dog clicker!

So you have finally decided to get a dog clicker and are eager to start training. Great! The first thing is to make the dog understand what a dog clicker is. Ask your puppy to do something simple and when he complies, make a click sound and give him a treat. For another treat, the dog will quickly try and please you by doing what you want. Start with something simple like “come” or “sit”. When the dog complies, make a click and hand over a treat. Repeat till the dog understands that a click means a reward.

This is fun soon as you don’t have to waste time screaming and shouting for your dog to obey you. This keeps the owner more patient and makes the dog more attentive. Make sure you use dog clicker just once, no matter how great the enthusiasm. If your dog has accomplished something difficult, like roll on the ground, make sure you give him 2 treats but only 1 click.

Soon, the dog will be eager to please you for more clicks and you will be happier since you don’t have to repeat commands. Make sure you keep the training sessions with the dog clicker short so the dog stays attentive.



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