Dog Health Problems – treating heat stroke in dogs


Heat stroke is one of the more severe of dog health problems. Normally, it happens in hot and humid climatic conditions. The normal body temperature of dogs is 101degree F and when the body temperature increases, the respiratory rate of the dogs also increase as they try to get rid of the excess heat in their body. In such conditions the body temperatures shoot up to 104 degree F to 106 degree F thereby leading to a moderate heat stroke. If this is not addressed immediately or medical attention is not given urgently, the body temperature may go beyond 106 degree F and will not have much time left to save your pet if you do not treat it immediately.

The symptoms that you can look out for a heat stroke in your dog includes excessive panting, pale discoloration of the gums, thick saliva, vomiting, difficulty in breathing and increase in heart rate, etc. The moment you are able to identify the reason, move your dog into a shaded area and away from the sun. Soak a long towel in cool water and place it on your dog so that the body temperature starts reducing. Make sure that you do not use extreme cold water to treat a dog with heat stroke. Once you are able to stabilize its temperature, take it quickly to your vet so that such dog health problems can be prevented.



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