Stop puppies from biting your ankles and hands

Most puppies go through the biting phase while they are teething, and it is perfectly a normal phase of their growing up. But it can pose a problem for their owners and other individuals who come in close contact with the growing canine. Puppies start of playfully by biting hands and ankles of their owners, which isn’t unacceptable initially. They sink their little teeth into just about anything that they find. But it can be dangerous for humans, as injuries caused from the bites can range from punctured wounds, damaged tissue, fractures of the bone and worst of all nerve damage. Though these are more likely to happen from a grown dog’s bite, but if you don’t stop puppies from biting at an early age, they will never learn.

The most easily accessible parts for the pup are the ankle or the hands, and the little canines start off from there. Dogs and puppies have various harmful bacteria in their mouths which in contact with an open wound can cause severe complications in a human.

The ‘yelp’ technique has been proven effective to stop puppies from biting. The yelp (a high pitched noise to draw the attention of the puppy) could be an imitation of another puppy’s whimpering, or a human cry of pain; whatever works for your pet. Look and act hurt. Leave the room for a while so your puppy knows biting will result in a loss of his playmate.

Repeat this technique to stop puppies from biting, and never resort to spanking. It will definitely work.



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